Highest Quality Solar Panels.

The greatest solar panels available have been pre-selected by Green Dinja. Additionally, at the most affordable costs.

There are numerous solar panel brands to choose from. The majority of individuals are unaware of which solar panels are adequate and which are not. You may ask yourself ‘’which solar panels ought I pick for my house or place of business?’’ There are numerous factors that typically play a role in this decision. Therefore, it is crucial to choose solar panels that receive high ratings worldwide.

Installing solar panels on your roof

There is a high probability that your roof can accommodate solar panel installations so why not go for it? Having your own solar panels on your roof allows you to take advantage of the sun’s energy and move to a greener future.

We guarantee you will receive a high-quality installation that satisfies the highest demands. Our experts will call you for a free consultation about the potential of solar panels after you enter your contact information on our website.

The return on solar panels

Many factors affect the effectiveness of solar panels. Solar panel investment is interesting since it offers a high rate of return and helps the environment. You also save money each month on your energy bill.

Curious how much you can save
on your electricity bill?

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With 5 easy steps, you will be on your way to installing solar panels on your roof. Find out what we do for you after you request your free consultation.

1. Consultation

After your application you will receive a confirmation email. This is evidence that your application was successfully submitted. We will then give you a call at a time of your choosing to go over your options, this way, we can create a custom offer personalized for you.
We provide free advice and guidance.

2. Discussing Quotation

Our offer is completely non-binding, you are not committed to anything. After we have sent the quote, we give you time to think about our offer. We will then contact you to see if we can help you with anything.

3. Once the Application has been Approved

Congratulations! If the quote is approved, we will come to your home to draw up a personal installation plan. You don’t have to do anything yourself.

4. Installation

We will then install the solar panels on your roof within one day. We will arrange everything for you, but you must be at home during the installation. You can then immediately enjoy your own green electricity.

5. Monitoring & Services

When you buy our solar panels, you automatically qualify for our monitoring and services package. Since we keep an eye on your systems, we make sure there is as minimal efficiency loss as possible. Doing this, means our clients get carefree enjoyment from our products.

Request a quote and become an energy maker yourself

Once is installation is complete on your roof, you create your own energy! Having your own electricity ethical, sustainable, and beneficial to your wallet and to the environment.

Together, we can increase Malta’s sustainability!


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Green Dinja is committed to everyone who wants to create a green world!
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