Wind Energy in Malta

There are numerous places in Malta that would be ideal for wind and solar farms, the opportunities are vast. If, as a land owner, you build a wind or solar farm, you will not only benefit the environment but also increase the profit of your property – a win-win situation.

Here at GreenDinja we help you to make the most out of your land to ensure the best energy transition.

From participation to construction and even after delivery, GreenDinja will take care of management and maintenance. We collaborate, communicate effectively, stay in touch and when things are difficult, we take the time to solve any issues and never give up on any of our projects and clients.

You can read here how we can offer the best support during the different phases of a new sustainable project.

1. The Right Location

Developing a sustainable energy project starts with determining the right place. We carry out a location scan and draw up a ground contract, mediate in collaborations between those involved and together, we look at all possibilities.

You as a land owner, will work with our specialists who will bring their expertise to the table & help you in making the right decisions on the placement of your new energy project. If needed, we can also help in putting together a bid or strategy that complies with local regulations.

2. Local Partners

‘Working together’, the phrase that keeps coming up in the world and one that we swear by, here at GreenDinja. We conduct our business in a fair and open manner and create a partnership agreement in which we collaborate on a workable, sustainable plan.

We really enjoy to educate anyone who shares our belief in clean energy by sharing our knowledge of sustainable energy development with out clients.

3. Coaching

From the very first idea to the management and execution of a new project, we handle the living environment of humans and animals with care – that is why we deploy experienced people throughout the entire process. Our expert project leaders and experienced environmental managers guide the project from idea to delivery and during the management phase – this way we can be sure that we always share information honestly and in a timely manner. It also ensures that we don’t forget anything and that we are a point of contact for all parties involved.

4. Project Connection

A smart, effective connection to the power grid is needed for the project, which calls for the appropriate skills and background. Our infrastructure experts brainstorm creative ideas with you from the beginning, and we make sure that the generated energy goes where it should.

We put out a suggestion for it, mediate disputes between parties, and make sure the appropriate agreements are reached.

5. Energy Storage

Sustainable energy storage is a way to temporarily store a surplus of generated energy, for example in a battery, this is done so that you can make smarter use of that energy at a later time. In combination with solar panels, energy storage will also become more common at home and in turn will play a major role in the smart use of sustainable energy.

Our energy storage specialists are pleased to collaborate with you if you, as a landowner, want smart storage for your sustainable energy project.

6. Design Location

Before construction really starts, we map out the whole site for your new sustainable energy project. The location design includes roads, installation locations, foundations and park cabling, but also the placement of, the solar panels and/or wind turbines. In short, designing the location is the architecture of the sustainable energy project.

7. Construction Supervision

With our personal sustainable energy projects plus more than 25 years of experience, our project management team is ideal for supervising the entire construction phase.

For example, we manage contractors, suppliers and external parties during the construction phase of a sustainable energy project and as a result, we monitor the planning, budgets, and quality of the project as a whole. In addition, we closely monitor safety and the environment.

8. Project Delivery

The ultimate goal is clear – to deliver a fully functional sustainable energy project for each of our clients. A one of a kind production of windmill or solar energy installations that meet the correct quality requirements and standards.


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